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Christmas & Holiday Lighting Installation in St. Charles & St. Louis MO

Christmas / Holiday Lighting

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Helping Homes Get into the Holiday Spirit

Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Service provides commercial grade holiday lighting installation services for the St. Charles metro area and West St. Louis County. Why put yourself at risk of falling off of a ladder in the cold January weather to take down holiday lighting? Let Wall 2 Wall take care of your home this holiday season!

Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services was interviewed by the local news recently about our Christmas Light Take-Down Service.  Check out the story and our video piece by clicking this link.


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Ho Ho Ho – Let Wall 2 Wall be your Santa This Year!!

Commercial Grade C7 LED Bulbs
We can also place lighting on the ground along driveways or walkways if you would like.
99% of people go with a warm white bulb but there are other options available!

Change Display
With our leasing program, you can change the colors of the lights from season to season if you would like

Wreaths & Garland
Our clients also want wreaths placed above garage doors and/or garland around poles

Worry Free
Our leasing program is worry-free. If you have any lights that burn out or if anything happens to your display, we come out and fix it no questions asked

What is Included in Our Christmas Light Installation Service?

It’s our favorite season here at Wall 2 Wall: Holiday Lighting Season!!! 

We love installing Christmas Lights.  There is just something great about that moment when you turn the lights on for the first time!

  • Our most common package installs custom cut commercial grade LED bulbs on the roof peaks and gutter line.
  • A good number of our clients also want wreaths placed above garage doors and/or garland around poles.
  • We can also place lighting on the ground along driveways or walkways if you would like.
    • 99% of people go with a warm white bulb but there are other options available!
  • With our leasing program, you can change the colors of the lights from season to season if you would like.
  • LED bulbs are much more energy efficient and are much less likely to break than incandescent bulbs.
  • Our leasing program is worry-free. If you have any lights that burn out or if anything happens to your display, we come out and fix it no questions asked.

What Happens When You Hire Us to Install Your Holiday Lights?

From tiny homes to grand estates, Wall 2 Wall can turn your property into the sparkling, twinkling image you have envisioned. Simple decorations can include installing lights on your roofline and attaching wreaths. More elaborate Christmas light installations can include trees, shrubbery, and more!

When we come to your property to Install Christmas Lights, there are many options you can include:

  • Christmas Light Design & Consultation:
    Not sure what you need or want? That’s okay! We can review your property and make recommendations based on your structure and tastes. If you have something more specific in mind, this is the time you can tell us all about your holiday lighting vision. Our Christmas light installers will help bring your vision to reality.
  • Holiday Light Installation:
    Here’s where the magic comes to life! We will arrive with the correct tools, ladders and experience necessary to install your holiday lights safely and properly. All you have to do is stand back and give us the thumbs up.
  • Removal:
    Once the holiday season is over, we will be back out to remove the lighting safely. By hiring professionals, there is no need to worry about damage to your home. Wall 2 Wall uses attention to detail and care of your home to remove holiday lighting. Christmas lighting removal can be scheduled any time after January 2nd.
           We do have a minimum price that is explained below
          Keep in mind the price to take the display down is not paid until take down in January.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Christmas | Holiday Lights?

The holiday season can be a magical time of year for you and your family. Spending time together, choosing presents, eating a delicious meal…if only you could skip the frustrations that come with being decorative!

For most people, decorating your home with holiday lights involves:
  • Rummaging through the garage, attic, shed, or storage unit to find the boxes of christmas lights.
  • Untangling what seems like MILES of string lights.
  • Unburying the ladder or convincing a neighbor to borrow theirs.
  • Attempting to hang the lights on your home without causing any permanent damage to your home.
  • Giving up and attaching them however necessary about halfway through…while dangling precariously.
  • Possibly re-doing based on your spouse’s comments.
  • Flipping the switch, only to find that two thirds of your lights are out.
  • Driving to the store to purchase replacement bulbs.
  • Getting back on the ladder to replace bulbs.
  • Crossing your fingers that all the lights now work.
  • Drinking a gallon of egg nog to endure what is surely not the “perfect vision” you had in mind.

Okay, it might not be that dramatic. Regardless, having a professional take this stressful burden off your plate is not as expensive as you think! Our Christmas light installation service is very affordable and allows you to customize your package for a simple setup or something with a little more “flair.”


Give yourself the gift of spending the time with your family!

Let Wall 2 Wall worry about your Christmas Light Installation so you can truly enjoy the holiday season.

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  Terms & Conditions

Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services owns the lights. The pricing for this agreement includes leasing the lights from Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services for one season. *Prices are subject to change from year to year.

Service Policy
Upon completion of the installation, Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services employees will perform an inspection of all lights, cords, timers and outlets to ensure everything is working correctly. Following the installation, customers are expected to perform their own visual inspection and report any problems. Visual inspection includes, but is not limited to, problems with materials used, cord hiding/placement, work-site cleanup, timer/bulb functionality and work being completed to the customer’s expectations. Unless caused by vandalism, neglect, or extreme weather conditions, should any equipment leased from Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services, we will repair the problem at no cost. If the problem is caused by a non-functioning electrical outlet or equipment provided by the customer, the customer will be responsible for the needed repairs and service fees. Any addition of decorations to those installed by Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services will nullify all warranties.

 Newly Leased Decorations Warranty and Product Repair Policy
Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services provides warranty on all lights leased from us. The warranty covers lights that are defective due to manufacturer’s error. The warranty does not cover vandalism, neglect, or extreme weather conditions.

Following the installation of the lights and related items, we recommend that you leave your new lights on for a minimum of three hours for the first few days to test the bulbs. Should a problem arise, please call us as soon as possible.

   Removal of Decorations
Removal of decorations is scheduled by geographic location in order to maximize efficiency. Our goal is to have your holiday lights removed before January 31st, but we cannot guarantee this timeframe. Upon removal, all decorations will be securely stored in a plastic bin that we will automatically store for you until the following year.

    Billing Errors
Please notify the Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services office within 3 days of receiving your bill if there are any errors or questions. After this time we will assume that all billing is agreeable.

   Scheduling Terms and Conditions
Payment in full for the installation and lights and related products are due at the end of the installation. If full payment for all products, items and services has not been received one month after receiving the final invoice, Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services will assess late fees of 5% accruing monthly on the unpaid balances until payment is received in full and credited to the purchaser’s account. All received payments will be first applied to any outstanding late fees, then to the remainder of the unpaid balance. If payments are not made as required, Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services will consider the account in default and the customer will be responsible for the cost of collections, including reasonable attorney fees as allowed by law. Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services reserves the right to decline any service to be performed, or reimbursing a customer for payment received for said service. Payment in full for the take-down of the lights is due upon completion of the take-down.

 Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability and Remedies
Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services warrants title of materials provided. There is no other warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied, concerning the goods or services including no implied warranty or merchantability or fitness of the goods or services for any particular purpose and no such warranties shall be implied by law. No liability hereunder shall be asserted unless, any loss, damage, injury, or other claim is reported to Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services in writing within thirty days after discovery and failure to give notice of any claim within such period shall constitute an absolute and unconditional waiver of such claim. The exclusive remedy against Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services for any cause of action is a claim for damages and in no event shall damages or the recovery of any kind against Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services exceed the price of the specific goods or services which caused the alleged loss, damage, injury or other claim. Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services shall not be liable and all claims against Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services are waived for special, direct, incidental or consequential damages or expenses of any nature including, but not limited to loss of profits or income, crop or property loss or damage, labor and/or freight charges whether or not based on Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability ion tort or any other cause of action.

Don’t Stress!

Let Wall 2 Wall install your Christmas Lights this year!

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My wife and I used Wall 2 Wall for the first time today. I came home from work and said WOW! First comment is they very trustworthy. Second comment, Robyn did an amazing job. Third comment, I’m a repeat customer with great recommendations to a someone new.

Eduard Titov

Jessica is fabulous, she is always prompt and very nice. She is fast and very importantly, she is consistently great! I know that I will find a sparkling clean house after she has been there. She is awesome! Tami, the office manager is always super helpful, prompt and kind. I have dealt with her on many occasions and she has always been extremely helpful and taken care of whatever I need. Wall 2 Wall is great.

Sarah Scarfino

We hired Wall 2 Wall to power wash our house and to clean the windows. They did an excellent job with both! I was actually home when they did the windows. They were efficient and did fabulous work. I would highly recommend Wall 2 Wall for your cleaning needs.

Amanda Flaherty


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