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Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services owns the lights. The pricing for this agreement includes leasing the lights from Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services for one season.

 *Prices are subject to change from year to year.

    Service Policy
Upon completion of the installation, Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services employees will perform an inspection of all lights, cords, timers and outlets to ensure everything is working correctly. Following the installation, customers are expected to perform their own visual inspection and report any problems. Visual inspection includes, but is not limited to, problems with materials used, cord hiding/placement, work-site cleanup, timer/bulb functionality and work being completed to the customer’s expectations. Unless caused by vandalism, neglect, or extreme weather conditions, should any equipment leased from Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services, we will repair the problem at no cost. If the problem is caused by a non-functioning electrical outlet or equipment provided by the customer, the customer will be responsible for the needed repairs and service fees. Any addition of decorations to those installed by Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services will nullify all warranties.

   Newly Leased Decorations Warranty and Product Repair Policy
Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services provides warranty on all lights leased from us. The warranty covers lights that are defective due to manufacturer’s error. The warranty does not cover vandalism, neglect, or extreme weather conditions.

Following the installation of the lights and related items, we recommend that you leave your new lights on for a minimum of three hours for the first few days to test the bulbs. Should a problem arise, please call us as soon as possible.

    Removal of Decorations
Removal of decorations is scheduled by geographic location in order to maximize efficiency. Our goal is to have your holiday lights removed before January 31st, but we cannot guarantee this timeframe. Upon removal, all decorations will be securely stored in a plastic bin that we will automatically store for you until the following year.

    Billing Errors
Please notify the Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services office within 3 days of receiving your bill if there are any errors or questions. After this time we will assume that all billing is agreeable.

   Scheduling Terms and Conditions
Payment in full for the installation and lights and related products are due at the end of the installation. If full payment for all products, items and services has not been received one month after receiving the final invoice, Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services will assess late fees of 5% accruing monthly on the unpaid balances until payment is received in full and credited to the purchaser’s account. All received payments will be first applied to any outstanding late fees, then to the remainder of the unpaid balance. If payments are not made as required, Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services will consider the account in default and the customer will be responsible for the cost of collections, including reasonable attorney fees as allowed by law. Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services reserves the right to decline any service to be performed, or reimbursing a customer for payment received for said service. Payment in full for the take-down of the lights is due upon completion of the take-down.

    Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability and Remedies
Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services warrants title of materials provided. There is no other warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied, concerning the goods or services including no implied warranty or merchant-ability or fitness of the goods or services for any particular purpose and no such warranties shall be implied by law. No liability hereunder shall be asserted unless, any loss, damage, injury, or other claim is reported to Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services in writing within thirty days after discovery and failure to give notice of any claim within such period shall constitute an absolute and unconditional waiver of such claim. The exclusive remedy against Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services for any cause of action is a claim for damages and in no event shall damages or the recovery of any kind against Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services exceed the price of the specific goods or services which caused the alleged loss, damage, injury or other claim. Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services shall not be liable and all claims against Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services are waived for special, direct, incidental or consequential damages or expenses of any nature including, but not limited to loss of profits or income, crop or property loss or damage, labor and/or freight charges whether or not based on Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability ion tort or any other cause of action.


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